Fires from the Dark is a suspense fantasy story in-the-making, written by Noah Midcap.

Writing had begun around October, 2009, after organization of the plot.

There are currently seven chapters finished, and writing of the eighth is underway.

Plot Summary

The story starts with Sven having a nightmare of an occurence long ago, around ten years. In it, he sees a fire. This fire had killed dozens of people, and destroyed machinery. Sven sees hmself running, trying to escape. He hapens to stumble into am eyeless creature that vaguely resembles a human, which he refers to as a demon.

Afterwards, after waking from his nightmare, he wanders his house to find his girlfriend, Lori, relaxed in their kitchen, reading a newspaper and snuggling with the tabby-cat, Terra.

List of Characters



List of Chapters


The majority of inspiration for this story comes from The Last Dragon Chronicles, written by Midcap's favorited author Chris d'Lacey. For example, Sven, Andrew, and Lori were loosely based on David Rain, Anders Bergstrom, and Liz Pennykettle, respectively.

Any other inspiration was taken from the film Ghost Rider.

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