Prince Julian's tomahawk was a heavy, stone ax wielded by the prince during The Siege of Athens.

The Siege of Athens

Although it is unclear who had crafted the weapon, or from whom Julian received it, it is known that the prince utilized it at The Siege of Athens.

It made its first appearance (mentioned) during the beginning of the battle, in Julian's hand. It was reported to Almiro by a soldier that it was wielded by a man (Julian) atop a white stallion.

Its first "seen" use was when it was used to decapitate an Athenian captain when the Romans breached the Athenian castle.

The final appearance in the battle was when it was utilized by the prince to battle with Almiro. However, although it dealt tremendous damage to the squire, its wielder could not fight swiftly and quickly with the massive and heavy weapon. It was left in the castle after the prince's death and the end of the siege.

On Display

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