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The Siege of Athens

268 A.D.


Athens, Greece


Fall of Athens, death of King Moretti, Prince Julian, Acelin Ricci, and Ammon


Athenian soldiers

Roman soldiers


Acelin Ricci

Prince Julian


5 regiments of knights

600 Roman warriors


All 5 regiments, Acelin Ricci, King Moretti, Ammon

200 Roman soldiers, Prince Julian


The Siege of Athens was the battle that had caused the fall of Athens, as well as the death of many hundred Roman and Athenian soldiers.


The king of Rome had deployed 600 Roman warriors to battle and defeat the final remaining forces of Athens after several raids on the state. This time, the attack was focused on the castle that lay at the heart of the kingdom.

When the Roman forces had arrived, led by the king's son, Julian, Athenian peoples had alerted warriors in the area, who had sent message to the king. Moretti had then sent out four of the top five remaining regiments Athenia had left to meet the oncoming mess of Romans.


Not after long, the Romans, suffering very little casualties, had wiped out three of the four regiments sent to battle, the fourth regiment having fled back to the castle with the villagers.

The Romans pursued and cut down many of the fleeing mass on the way the way to the castle. When the surviving peoples arrived, they found the castle gates closing, and were trapped outside the haven, and as a result, were killed.

All four of the regiments sent out to battle having been eliminated, the fifth regiment, the highest in the land, commanded by Acelin Ricci, constructed a barricade to place in front of the gates; the Romans soon broke though with a large battering ram, and wiped out the entire resistance, Ricci having been killed by Prince Julian (his head was severed and stored in a box for later use of striking fear into the king).


All resistance eliminated, Julian moved to the higher levels of the castle, to the king. He had entered, with two guards, in the middle of Almiro trying to persuade his uncle to flee with his wife and himself.

He instructed one of his bodygaurds to attack King Moretti, however, the man was slain by Almiro's quick action. At that time, Julian ordered his remaining guard out of the room to gather a spear, and drew his tomahawk. He did battle with Almiro, but was defeated. However, he had managed to wear Almiro down so much that he collapsed.

After this, the guard Julian had sent returned, and, upon seeing his commander dead, headed straight for Moretti. He was, however, attacked by Romana, being savagely bitten. He kicked her away, and continued on to the king. Romana had gathered a sword from the other guard, and killed the attacker. This was not before he had managed to kill king Moretti, the spear through his chest, however.

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